Tea Bags Everywhere!

Tea Bags

One day last November I was standing at our kitchen sink when my wife Melanie brought to me six empty glasses she had gathered from around the house. She told me they were all from Elijah, but it was easy for me to figure that out. Each glass had 4-5 tea bags still in them. Some of the bags were dried and stuck to the glasses. Elijah was never without a glass of tea. And he never wanted to reuse a glass.

As I stood at the sink removing tea bags from glasses, I called out to Elijah who was in the next room. “Seriously, Elijah! Why is it my job to clean tea bags from your glasses? Can’t you ever do that yourself?” He responded gently, “Sorry, Dad. I just have so many important things on my mind.” I thought to myself, “Like I don’t…”

Then something made me stop for a moment and just look at those glasses. I turned to Melanie and said, “You know, there will come a day when I will miss seeing all of Elijah’s glasses and tea bags everywhere.”

That was two days before he died. I really do miss seeing those tea bags everywhere!

Stop for a moment. What are you complaining about today?


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-Ken Buchanan

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    • Debra Benyshek on January 25, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    This is so true. Even the things that made you mad at those you love become precious memories when they’re gone.

    • Anne Cleveland Ames on January 26, 2015 at 6:52 am

    Oh, Ken, this is so true. Thanks.

    • Bonnie Wellvang on January 27, 2015 at 1:30 am

    Oh Ken…my heart breaks! So very difficult 🙁 You are processing things well. Consider writing a book. I will send you a speaker that has made a difference in teens lives. We are need to learn to cherish the things our children, mates, and other do even when they drive us crazy. Sometimes they become the greatest and most cherished memories…..and we wonder why we could not see it at the time. I send so many blessings to you and Mel. I know somehow, some way God will turn this into something meaningful for His kingdom purposes. HARD TO BELIEVE RIGHT NOW I KNOW….. But the Lord is faithful. Would love to share the testimony that came from loosing my father to Alzheimer’s ..the struggle was unbelievable but the victory was amazing. God is so faithful. I pray for you and Mel and family quite often. We can never replace what has been lost, but hopefully the love and concern of so many have eased the pain. It takes time…lots of time. May the Lord stay especially close to you …….someone once said.”if they can’t be with me, I am so grateful they can be with Jesus”.

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