Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 30

Where Have You Been All Your Life?

A mirror doesn’t judge. It merely reflects. As we get older, the mirror can show us those dreaded wrinkles that we try so hard to avoid. The mirror doesn’t know how we spend our time, but our wrinkles can usually show whether our faces spend more time smiling or frowning. That’s all on the outside. …

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May 27

Her Daddy’s Last Dance

Daughters are supposed to love their fathers. Fathers are supposed to cherish their daughters. Some fathers are fortunate enough to become their daughter’s hero. And when a father is finally old enough to be alone and in need of care, he is especially blessed to have a daughter sacrifice her own life to bless his. …

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May 23

Crossing the Ultimate Finish Line

Finish lines are fascinating. They exist in so many areas of our lives. But if you think about it, they don’t actually exist in the natural order of things. We create them and impose them on ourselves. They are uniquely human, and we are the only living creatures that use them. Humans not only have the …

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May 16

Making Memories on Purpose

I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling on family memories these past months. It’s amazing how much more valuable memories become when we lose someone we love. All of this has made me appreciate memories in a whole new light. I had never really thought about memories as having value. And I suppose it’s true that some …

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May 14

Every Time I Remember You

Memories are amazing things. We can remember smells and sounds, facts and figures, events and images. More amazingly, we can remember emotions. We can never have enough happy memories, while we usually try hard to suppress painful memories. Memories sometimes seem to have their own willpower. We can choose to recall them from our vast collection of …

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May 12

And Something Very Unusual Happened

  On Mother’s Day our family for the first time visited the place in the woods where Elijah perished. Many have asked us about the experience. In short, it was emotional and difficult. And something very unusual happened. As a reminder, Elijah died the day after Thanksgiving. He was having some sort of breakdown, and we made a call …

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May 07

A Different View of Mother’s Day

I love fresh fruit. It’s amazing that we can enjoy fresh fruit all year long. At this very moment at locations all over the world plants are producing fruit to be shipped for our enjoyment and consumption. It makes sense that fruit tastes so good. Fruit contains the seeds for new plants, and we are willing to carry the fruit …

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May 02

While You Were Sleeping

I’m not sure how many of you reading this have been parents, but I’m pretty sure that most of us have been children. And none of us remember everything our parents did to care for us. Having raised five children, Melanie and I can empathize with most young parents. We know what it’s like to be sleep deprived, …

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