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Jan 05

May the FOR’s Be With You!

    I haven’t yet seen the latest Star Wars movie. The debut of “The Force Awakens” occurred exactly one year after the wake of our nineteen year-old son, Elijah. Ironically, I was nineteen when the first Star Wars movie debuted.  More ironic, I suppose, is the movie’s name. Ever wonder why we hold a …

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Nov 30

How Is That Even Possible?

Thanksgiving Day is when most Americans give thanks for their abundant blessings. The day after is called ‘Black Friday’, when ironically most Americans add to their abundance during the busiest shopping day of the year. For our family, Black Friday took on a new, horrible meaning last year. Around 10:30pm, our son Elijah fled barefoot into …

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Oct 29

What’s In A Name?

  It’s the end of October, and the baseball season has reached its climax. The World Series for Major League Baseball is one of the more significant events in sports. Well, at least in North America. Which makes me wonder why they named it the WORLD series. Seems a bit overstated, since only two countries …

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Oct 21

What Goes Around…

  “What goes around, comes around.” I’ve repeated that phrase countless times. Maybe you have, too. I understand the basic meaning, but there’s something more significant to it. It reminds me of a boomerang. And it reminds me of the recurring seasons of life. I am going to call it the Law of Cycles. Think about your day …

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Sep 12

New Beginnings

“Happy birthday, Elijah.” Nineteen times we celebrated those words. Today would have been the twentieth. For nineteen years we laughed and joked, opening gifts and blowing out candles. Today we choke back tears and reflect on the impact Elijah had on our lives. Birthdays are usually pretty exciting events, especially for children. As parents, we love to …

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Jul 17

Just One 911 Call Away

The following post is a collaboration with our featured guest writer, Benjamin Pearson. As a recent graduate of Bethel University, Benjamin brings a fresh perspective on what it’s like to seek the Lord while facing overwhelming trouble and sorrow.  Are there any creatures on earth that make future plans, besides humans? I wonder if migratory …

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Jun 28


Enough. It’s such a simple word. We use the word all the time and hardly think about it’s significance. For the most part, we use the word ‘enough’ to describe some sort of target or limit. When compared to the limit we have in mind, we say that we have more than enough, or perhaps not …

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Jun 21

A Father’s Toughest Question

  I’m writing this on Father’s Day. Anyone who has lost a child will know how difficult are holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The focus on being a father is obviously a focus on the blessing of children. Those of us fortunate enough to become fathers understand the privilege of delighting in our kids. …

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Jun 17

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

An old song by Peter, Paul and Mary asks the question, “Where have all the flowers gone?” All the flowers are picked by young girls, who in turn are picked by young men, who ultimately end up in their graves. The graves all give themselves over to flowers, and the cycle begins anew. While we can’t …

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Jun 06

It’s About Time

We usually hear the phrase, “It’s about time!” when we show up late for some event. But the phrase takes on a whole new significance when we think about our limited time here on earth. One of the questions I am most frequently asked these days is, “What happens when we die?” I’m hardly an expert …

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