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How Is That Even Possible?

Thanksgiving Day is when most Americans give thanks for their abundant blessings. The day after is called ‘Black Friday’, when […]

It’s About Time

We usually hear the phrase, “It’s about time!” when we show up late for some event. But the phrase takes […]

The Ultimate Anger Management

Children are not supposed to die before their parents.  It’s out of normal order, which helps explain the depth of […]

Counting Down on Purpose

There is something terribly serious about a countdown. Counting down means that there is an important event anticipated. And a […]

Things Will Start Looking Up

The picture I chose for this post admittedly makes me sad. I don’t like to remember Elijah as being sad, […]

Nowhere to Hide

  What is it about playing Hide-and-Seek that kids love so much? Even before kids can walk they love to […]

Hoping for Rescue

This has been an eventful Easter weekend. We officially celebrate life on the positive side of resurrection Sunday. Because of the […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

I am posting this message on Palm Sunday. It’s the week before Easter, and Palm Sunday celebrates the triumphal entry […]


‘Unbroken‘ was one of the best books I’ve read. I’m still waiting to see the movie. I can’t imagine how difficult […]

Wait, Where’s the Undo Button?

What did we ever do before there was the ‘undo’ button? Those of us who grew up with vinyl records […]


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