Let It Go…

The Grievers

Is there a significant loss in your life that you have yet to grieve about? Maybe it’s time to let it go.

Not everyone grieves the same way. Or at the same time. I’m certainly learning the hard way ever since we lost our teenage son, Elijah. Sometimes the sorrow just overwhelms me at the most awkward moments. My brother and I were recently taking an Uber car home from an event, and for some reason our discussion in the cab triggered in me an overwhelming sense of sadness. I was really missing Elijah. I couldn’t stop weeping. The next day we both laughed at the thought of that poor Uber driver searching frantically for a better job!

Just when I think I have this grieving thing under control, it ambushes me. But I am understanding that grieving is not only healthy and natural, it is Godly.

Have you noticed that humans are the only creatures capable of weeping? God made us that way. And the shortest verse in all the Bible says simply, “Jesus wept.”  Not even God bottles up His sorrow. As Jesus died on the cross, we can read that the sky turned dark, the earth shook and rocks split apart.

The following may be an odd analogy, but it will be memorable. Your stomach is connected to your mouth, and when the stomach is upset you sometimes need to “let it go.” In a similar way, your heart is connected to your eyes. When your heart is upset you also need to sometimes “let it go.”  In each case the release brings relief. At least until that future heavenly day when God “will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

Until that day when there is no more crying or pain, we are better off to just let it go!


(For more help on dealing with losses, I recommend reading “Recovering From Losses in Life” by H. Norman Wright.  Or visit his web page at www.hnormanwright.com)


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-Ken Buchanan

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