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Really, God?

“There’s no sense in getting upset you can only look at the positives.”  Elijah left us with those words. He […]


There’s been a lot of talk lately about deflated footballs. The NFL controversy even has a name: DeflateGate. But it got […]

Let It Go…

Is there a significant loss in your life that you have yet to grieve about? Maybe it’s time to let it go. Not […]

Good Grief

Who came up with the term ‘Good Grief’? Maybe it was Charlie Brown during a moment of confusion. How could he […]

Beyond the Impass

When we stand at the foot of the mountain, we don’t see the horizon. Our future joy and happiness seem blocked by a […]

Tea Bags Everywhere!

One day last November I was standing at our kitchen sink when my wife Melanie brought to me six empty […]

The Big Picture

Nothing prepares you for the sudden loss of your teenage son or daughter. Where do you turn for comfort when […]

Painful Silence

Have you ever wished desperately to hear from someone that you love? The silence can be painful. For just a […]

Catching Fire

A wise person once told me, “Don’t worry about others catching fire. Just catch fire yourself. At least others will gather […]

Life On Purpose

Thank you to all who supported our family and helped to honor Elijah as we learned of his passing. Elijah […]


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