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New Beginnings

“Happy birthday, Elijah.” Nineteen times we celebrated those words. Today would have been the twentieth. For nineteen years we laughed and joked, opening gifts and blowing out candles. Today we choke back tears and reflect on the impact Elijah had on our lives. Birthdays are usually pretty exciting events, especially for children. As parents, we love to …

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Counting Down on Purpose

There is something terribly serious about a countdown. Counting down means that there is an important event anticipated. And a countdown, by definition, means that there is a limited amount of time before that event happens. Our lives are full of countdowns. The media begins counting down the months and days before an election; our …

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Could This Happen to Me?

Have you ever seen a sign that asked the question, “Why Die?” For nearly four decades, South Dakota has been placing these signs near the sites of roadside fatalities. I passed one of these signs on the very day of our son’s funeral near the border between South Dakota and Minnesota. My first thought was, “That’s …

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Wake Up Call

Have you ever missed an important event because you didn’t wake up on time? I have. When I travel and I need to wake up early for an important meeting, I ask the hotel for a wake up call. I don’t fully trust my alarm clock. Actually, my alarm clock is a smartphone app, but …

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