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Enough. It’s such a simple word. We use the word all the time and hardly think about it’s significance. For the most part, we use the word ‘enough’ to describe some sort of target or limit. When compared to the limit we have in mind, we say that we have more than enough, or perhaps not …

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I Feel Your Pain!

  This is not your ordinary skyline picture. For our family, it represents one of the most painful moments in our lives. This picture was taken during the fourth of five major pain milestones in the loss of our teenage son, Elijah. Some of you reading this will identify with those milestones. Some will be better …

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Where Do I Go to Find Comfort?

Pain and comfort are at opposite extremes. Lingering in either place too long can be destructive to our bodies as well as our souls. If you enjoy exercise and working out, you know what it’s like to go through short-term pain in order to gain long-term comfort. But no one wants to endure unrelenting pain. I am a …

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