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Every Time I Remember You

Memories are amazing things. We can remember smells and sounds, facts and figures, events and images. More amazingly, we can remember emotions. We can never have enough happy memories, while we usually try hard to suppress painful memories. Memories sometimes seem to have their own willpower. We can choose to recall them from our vast collection of …

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Things Will Start Looking Up

The picture I chose for this post admittedly makes me sad. I don’t like to remember Elijah as being sad, but it reminded me that sadness is infectious. When we feel down, it’s easy to bring others down with us. As an emotion, ‘up’ and ‘down’ are charged with positive and negative feelings. We judge ‘up’ as …

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Don’t Be Sad!

How do you grieve over a significant loss? For me, it boils down to two things: trying to survive the intense pain and sadness, and the desperate effort to figure out whatever is next. The first one requires comforting. The second one requires determination. I don’t know how you can avoid the painful part. Melanie and I …

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Would You Rather Laugh or Cry?

If given a choice, would you rather laugh or cry?  I think most of us would choose laughter. Laughter is such a great expression of joy and happiness. It’s even more obvious than a smile. A smile makes us think that someone is content and happy, at least for that moment. But laughter is like an explosive …

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